What They Say

“We consider Mr. Moyer to be the pre-eminent expert in justice planning and design...”

staff member, major national and international police membership organization

Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, US Department of Justice

“Our personal association has been particularly rewarding to me and I am grateful that you and I have been able to share in the work that is helping to improve the system of justice in America.”

Richard W. Velde, Administrator, LEAA

“The product that emerged on time (Facility Guidelines) ...was simply fantastic. It is safe to say that LEAA has never received a more thoroughly developed, yet totally practical piece of work for any amount of dollars that it has spent.”

Robert J. Kutak, Esq., Advisory Board Chair

United Nations

“Our study has been quite a success and this is due to Fred Moyer’s most valuable contribution.”

Ugo Leone, Executive Director United Nations Social Defense Research Institute, Rome, Italy

“My colleagues and I have been greatly impressed by the exceptional merit of your publication. Knowing full well the complexities of the topic, I wonder how you have been able, in so short a time, to achieve such an important step.”

Guiseppe Di Gennaro, United Nations Social Defense Research Institute, Rome, Italy

Our Professional Peers

“I can unequivocally state that the work of Fred Moyer has had more positive effect on the direction of contemporary justice facility planning than all other work in the field combined.”

Daniel Gale, AIA Former President, HOK Architects

“Frederic Derr Moyer is advanced to Fellowship by the Jury of Fellows for Notable Contribution to the Advancement of the Profession of Architecture.”

Raj Barr-Kumar, FAIA President, American Institute of Architects

“It is unusual for an architect to find himself in the position of not only design innovation but also broad social and human improvement. The attention that the architectural profession is giving this field is largely due to Fred’s pioneering efforts.”

Jorden L. Gruzen, FAIA Chief Executive Gruzen Partners, New York, NY

“During my collaborations with Moyer Associates, I always found Fred and his staff to be most creative but also well grounded in their approach to each project and able to exhibit an ability to interact and communicate well with the client and other members of the Project Team. Moyer Associates are problem solvers and develop ideas that really work -on time and within budget...”

William B. Campbell, Licensed Architect Missouri, Indiana and Ohio

“Besides always offering timely and wise advice to the necessary stages of this project, Fred was also able to recognize and tactically ward us away from possible future problems that the untrained eye would not catch.”

Paul Luzecky, Project Manager Chiodini Architects, St. Louis

“Saudi Arabia wanted to modernize its correctional system, and Moyer was instrumental in advising not only data and solutions, but also policies and implications of change on the operations and even correctional culture. In collaboration with Moyer, and benefitting from his experience and advice, the final program and design, while a radical departure from the state of affairs at the time, was well received and adopted for implementation... the facilities are under construction now, all adhered to the principles and program advised by Moyer. This is the hallmark of success.”

Khaled Tewfik, D. Arch, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our Clients

“You’re a real lifesaver!... Kind, patient, smart and extremely talented... You made the design/construction/more a much smoother process for me...” (regarding Anne Moyer Kennett, Director of Design)

Peggy A. Wagoner, Chicago

“Because of his national role in developing facility standards, he is immediately capable of identifying issues that require response and, because of his exceptional dedication and work ethic, he quickly acts to meet his client’s needs. I have found him to be available at any time, day or night, seven days a week.”

Joseph P. Levin, Madison Center Courthouse Detroit, Michigan

“I enjoyed working with Fred Moyer who always keeps two steps ahead of the incoming technology...”

Prakash Yerawadekar, Chief Architect. OCA, State of New York

“The basis for this decision was essentially this....we had never seen greater energy, productivity, intelligence or creativity from any contract group than that which we had experienced from Fred, Edith and their colleagues.”

William G. Nagel, Executive Director, The American Foundation Inc.

“Reviewing Mr. Moyer’s credentials you will find, as we did, that he is nationally recognized as an expert and innovator in the planning and design of public safety facilities. Further, we found that Mr. Moyer brings with his years of experience and expertise a unique ability and desire to understand and meet the needs of his client.”

Joseph E. Beard, Chief of Police, Bourbonnais, Illinois

“It is not my practice to provide professional recommendations to firms or individuals. However, in this case I strongly recommend this firm and Mr. Moyer. The end result of our relationship with this team is a police headquarters that meets the needs of my agency now and in the future, as well as a building that met our desire to carefully use public monies.”

Merl Hamilton, Chief of Police, Concord, North Carolina

“We are greatly impressed with the thoroughness in which the survey was conducted as well as the record time in which you were able to accomplish so much.”

Donald D. Brewer, Executive Secretary, SSMC, Athens, Georgia

“Throughout our project, Fred Moyer & Associates have spent countless hours “burning the Midnight oil” to meet our various timelines. They have and continue to be a pleasure to do business with.”

Mark Beckwith, Chief of Police, Milan, Illinois

“In each case, we found Moyer and Associates to be meticulous data collectors and keen analysts. The rapport established with our staff was exceptional and led to open and frank discussions of near and long-term requirements. The result in each study was a professional and visionary presentation of options available and recommendations for solutions. The studies were completed on time and on budget.”

Paul G. Cohen, Administrator, Omaha Douglas Building Commission

“From the first contact it was evident that he is an extraordinary professional with the capability of generating large volumes of work with a comparatively small staff... He entered this architectural specialty of criminal justice at the ground level of L.E.A.A., today he is at the pinnacle of this specialty.”

Roy J. Brockert, Major Projects Coordinator Wayne County, Detroit, Michigan

“I would like to point out that I have yet to make a request that was not answered in a prompt, courteous, and very professional manner. We found the on-site visits to be especially productive for our Division.”

Corrin J. McGrath, Chief of Police, Toledo, Ohio

“He has vast knowledge and experience in building police facilities. He keeps informed and pays attention to detail. Mr. Moyer is available to our needs and requests, and has handled each one with responsibility. His cost awareness is to stay within our City’s budget plan.”

Doug Hayse, Chief of Police, Morris Police Department

“Fred and his staff were highly professional, knowledgeable and responsive. They were able to bring the experience gained from consultation on hundreds of facilities to our design and construction process.”

Timothy B. Walsh, M.A., L.P., Director of Juvenile Services, State of Minnesota

“He demonstrated the ability to translate our operational and program goals into their facility requirements, and then to transform these into an outstanding design concept for a very difficult site.”

Ira Holland, Government of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC

“What stood out to me, and the reason that I wholeheartedly endorse Moyer Associates Inc., is two-fold, their work product and the personal attention given to our department by the entire Moyer team. You can be assured that Moyer Associates Inc. will meet and exceed your needs & expectations. The firm’s resume speaks for itself, and I challenge you to find a more respected police facility planning firm anywhere. Moyer Associates Inc. has assisted many agencies travel down the path that you are on, and will provide you a quality job.”

Derek Stafford, Assistant Chief of Police, High Point, North Carolina

“The services provided by Moyer Associates far exceeded both our contractual and intuitive expectations. They are currently working on successive projects for us and we would not hesitate to recommend them for a wide variety of projects. They are definitely a firm willing to be frank about expectations, but equally ready to offer solutions to overcome challenges.”

Michael R. Nettles, City Administrator, Altus, Oklahoma

“Mr. Moyer by his nature is friendly, courteous, professional and always willing and quite able to answer questions from non-architectural persons like myself with a smile and knowledge based on his practical experience in the area of designing police facilities throughout the United States.”

Thomas O’Connor, Director of Public Safety, City of Maryland Heights, Missouri

“I can’t overemphasize how good we feel about the relationship we’ve developed with Moyer Associates. Fred, Inessa, Anne -all have been so supportive and helpful. They are skilled, creative, patient but focused. As we have had questions or ideas,they have been there -by phone, email or in person.”

Steven W. Seiver, Village Administrator, Milan, Illinois

“When we began the interview process for retaining the services of a design/build team it was very important that we find a firm with a great deal of design experience with a police public safety building. With technology changing ever so swiftly and operating procedures so dependent on the capabilities of a new facility, Mr. Moyer’s vast experience in the police facility field made the selection process much easier.”

Jeffrey O’Dell, Administrator, Roselle, Illinois

“During the entire time I worked with Fred, he demonstrated excellent character, patience, and a strong sense of duty and commitment to our project. I would consider him to be professional, a very responsible person and most worthy of consideration for hire.”

John A. Kruithoff, Chief of Police, Holland, Michigan

“Fred Moyer and his staff brought vision, creativity, dedication and professionalism to the project team responsible for our project, and assisted the County in a project which fulfilled expectations, while being completed on time and on budget.”

Debra Busey, County Administrator, Champaign County, IL

“During weekly meetings, they were always prepared and on task. ...I enjoyed working with this firm”

Jeff Thomas, Sheriff, Moultrie County, IL

“For whatever it is worth I can tell you that I did my homework, and through all my research, it kept leading me back to Fred Moyer and Associates and upon working with this company I cannot find one thing wrong with their performance, professionalism, innovative ideas, and most of all their integrity.”

Daniel Babich, Chief of Police, Lyons, Illinois

“In our initial phase over two years ago, Fred Moyer and his team did a Needs Assessment. They took the time to interview individual employees, especially the patrol officers, by coming in at different hours of the day and night. Designing a building that met the needs of our Department was critical for Moyer’s team. I feel the finished product is reflective of that vision.”

Donald E. Bennett, Chief of Police, Plainfield, Illinois

“May I take the opportunity to convey to you our sincere appreciation for a job well done. We will endeavor to do justice to your efforts by following your ‘blueprints’ in developing a model program.”

John A. Burns, Governor, State of Hawaii